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What is an Antique carpet?

antique handmade carpet

As we know, carpet is one of the most important elements in interior design. Choosing the right carpet suitable for the space and decoration of the house is very important. For a rug to be an antique, it needs to be over 80 years. You may think that antique carpet is used only in traditional decoration, but this is not the case, the bit art of such carpets, which are a symbol of Iranian art and beauty and the ancient history of the country, is creating the space beauty and enlivening the environment.

lachak toranj design carpet

handmade baluch carpet

Harmonie der Farben

baluch carpet

lachak toranj carpet

Antique rugs have different patterns and colors that vary depending on the country it has been made. Their colors are usually happy, bright, and warm. Of course, in some, you can vividly see soft colors. Carpets with the same texture and design attract the eyes of every viewer. Turkmen and campus designs are also among these carpets.

The price of these carpets is variable depending on size, rarity, quality of wool, weave, color, condition, age, design, and especially how all these attributes are combined together in the piece. In this case, it might be true that by buying an antique carpet not only do you have a piece of history in your house but also it is a perfect way of money-saving.

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