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Best trendy carpet ideas 2021

trendy carpet ideas 2021

What are the best trendy carpet ideas for 2021? Sometimes opting for a carpet that is soft and welcoming is the best choice for your room.
Though hardwood is incredibly popular, carpeting is making a comeback due to the innovative new options on the market. Carpet is a great choice for bedrooms, living rooms, or cellars where wood can seem too cold and shallow. Or any room where there is a chance of water harm. A wall-to-wall rug can give warmth and add character to your space.

If you’re thinking carpet, here are some of the most trendy carpet ideas this year.

1. Trendy natural fiber carpet

If you are stuck between carpet and hardwood, think of a natural fiber carpet. Natural fiber rug materials such as jute, sisal, wool, or seagrass are an excellent choice for hardwood because they give a comparable pure look and feel without the price tag or maintenance that comes with wood.

trendy carpet ideas for 2021

2. Animal print carpets are back

If you’re seeking to combine a bit of maximalism into your home, think of a bold animal print rug. This look isn’t for the humble home decorator, but a leopard or cheetah print carpet is a fabulous way to make a declaration in any room and add a load of sense. These carpets are also popular and one of the best trendy carpet ideas for 2021.
If you’re concerned about overwhelming the space, keep the rest of the decoration minimalist.

animal pattern carpet

3. Try stripes pattern

Lines are a brilliant idea to make a small room look longer or wider. This visual illusion attracts the eye in also adds to any area. We love large, bold stripes, but you can also get carpet in thinner striped patterns for a more nice, preppy look. Stripes patterns are one of the best trendy carpet ideas for 2021.

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4. Vintage rug are great for stairs

Placing carpet on your stairs is not only attractive but strangely practical as well. Carpet can add traction to your stairs and create a smooth landing in case of an accident. To renew your stair runner, try a vintage rug instead of a traditional carpet. Having a vintage carpet is a perfect selection as these carpets are trendy ideas for 2021.
Installing a vintage Persian or Turkish rug is a magnificent way to add a lot of visual interest to your staircase. Though this can be DIY’d, you may want to hire an expert if your stairs are aged or worn.

vintage carpet for stairs2021

5. Patterned carpets are trendy for 2021

Patterned carpet is also one of the best trendy carpet ideas for 2021, and it’s not difficult to see why. An eye-catching patterned rug not only adds a lot of feeling to your area but can help a differently simple room feel beautiful and complete.
But if a strong, wild pattern such as animal print is too much for you, consider a subtler choice. Here, an artistic squared pattern gives a bit of class without overtaking the place. Look for low-key patterns in neutral colors such as silvery or white for a modern look and feel.

textured carpet
textured carpet

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patterned carpet 2021
patterned carpet 2021

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