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What is Brick’s handmade carpet design?

The Brick’s handmade carpet design is one of the most famous carpet patterns and has its features. The patterns commonly show ethnic and local customs and traditions. Therefore, antiquarians collect handmade carpets and check their features for many years. Hence, They can recognize the cultures that influence the carpets.

In Brick’s handmade carpet combination of different patterns of flowers and plants are significant. These various patterns are presented in the form of several bricks. The central place for creating brick handmade carpet designs is Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province. They also call these hand-knotted carpets ship or Frame designs in the local language.

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The cypress tree carpet design

The cypress tree design is another figure of the Brick’s handmade carpet. Therefore, Palm trees and trees of life are the frameworks of this carpet. Carpet weavers get the inspiration of the design from Persepolis pictures.

The Cedrus tree design is in dark green, light green, and yellow colors. They put these three colors together and make colorful leaves. As a result, the carpet patterns represent one of the customs and symbols of the city Chaharmahal Bakhtiari.

Around the carpet framework, you can see branches and Eslimi patterns. This handmade carpet has a dark framework filled with leaf and floral designs. The carpet frame is between three pairs of linear sides with wavy branches.

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brick carpet design

brick carpet design

What are the most important figures of Brick’s handmade carpet?

The most important figures of Brick’s handmade carpet are Quran and Bakhtiari designs, corners, bergamot, and welding. Also, Carpet Frameworks may have the same or different shapes from each other.

Framework patterns of this handmade carpet have different types such as geometric design, floral and tree design, chicken, and inlay. Around the carpet framework, there are Star-shaped designs. Also, there is another form of the carpet framework in black and white and checkered patterns. Brick’s handmade carpet has many admirers because of its unique model. Each brick is in the form of a photo frame that separates from the next brick at the specified length. Each carpet brick signifies a special meaning and concept.

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