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What is a hand-knotted Baluch carpet?

What is a Hand-knotted Baluch carpet

What is a Hand-knotted Baluch carpet? A handmade Baluch carpet is a first-class wool rug. Skilled carpet weavers of Khorasan made these unique rectangular rugs. Weavers use The classic Baluch patterns in their thin and cohesive texture in a lacquered background color. Therefore, The hand-knotted Baluch rug is a bizarre carpet. This carpet has an approximate weight of 4 kg and a depth of 6-7 mm.

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Repeated camel footprints or pear-shaped thorns surrounded by geometric margins are the most characteristic feature of the Baluchi carpet. The complex geometrical design in the hand-knotted Baluch carpet is mainly from the Turkmen style, especially the floral motifs.

Weavers use dark blue or red contrasted with white, yellow, and orange to create a stunning color combination. Baked and bold blue is the predominant color of Baluch’s hand-knotted rugs. Weavers also use ivory color as a contrasting color.

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Persian hand-knotted Baluch carpet is of cotton or gray wool. Goat wool also uses to extract the threads within several Baluch carpets. Rugs are of soft, loose wool and tinted with brown or various shades. Baluchi carpet weavers use asymmetrical Iranian knots.

These knots are short and pushed firmly down with a comb. So high qualified and adorable hand-knotted Baluch rug is usually small (two by three or four by six feet). Although weaver knit Baluch carpets in larger sizes, it is more difficult to find these large carpets. The finished rug is almost rectangular.

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