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Felt handmade carpet

Handgemacht Filzmatte

Felt handmade carpet like other nomadic carpets is a soft, beautiful underlayment. It has no texture, which means its warp and weft are not like others. This kind of underlay made of natural color wool or natural dyes wool of domestic animals.

felt carpets are naturally produced by condensing, moisturizing, and pressing wools together. Although it is a time taking process, the felt price is not high. nomads and villagers create this traditional handmade carpet in the countryside. Since carpet felt does not come from weaving yarns and fabrics, applying the pattern on them is difficult. Creative Talented weavers spend hours weaving felt reflects their thoughts, art, and taste to others. Making felt is very common in Iran, especially in Kurdistan, Khorasan, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, and Mazandaran.

Thanks to the convenient material, the Felt handmade carpet uses to relieving fatigue and muscle pains. Lying down on the felt increases the body heat and, this causes more blood circulation. It is also suitable for back pain and rheumatic pains. Felt has anti-moisture properties, which is why it has many fans in sultry areas.

Felt from wool view as the most established known material. Numerous societies have legends concerning the birthplaces of felt making. Also, felt uses for outlining artistic creations. It laid between the slip mount and picture as a defensive measure to dodge harm from scouring to the edge of the artistic creation. So, felt carpet is regularly found as a preventive measure on artworks that effectively reestablish or expertly outline. It broadly uses to secure compositions executed on different surfaces including material, wood board, and copper plate.

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