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Handmade VS. Machine-made Carpets

handmade VS. machine-made carpet

A handmade (or hand-knotted) carpet is made by using a specially designed loom and knotted manually. Having said that, those carpets made by machines use something called a power loom that is automated. These days power looms frequently controlled by a processor. The technology makes the carpet weaving process at a much quicker pace than one made by hand. As you might know, some handmade carpets can take up to years to produce. Another difference is the fibers. The use of artificial materials is also much more common in machine-made carpets. In contrast, wool is the most widespread material in handmade rugs.

How to identify the difference between a handmade and a machine-made carpet?

Here are some essential characteristics you should look for when you are trying to recognize a reliable handmade carpet from one made by a machine.

1. Fringes (an ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists) 

On a handmade or hand-knotted rug, the fringes are an extension of the carpet’s base (warp) and would not be sewn or affixed onto the carpet afterward – as is common in machine-made rugs.

2. Selvage

This is the external, long side of the rug. It is framed by turning the external edges of the weft strings, which are then wrapped and held together. You can frequently use selvage to distinguish the beginning of a rug since various weaving regions have a few styles and methods of completing the edges. On a machine-made mat, the selvage is typically exceptionally fine and exact in the completion. The edges in handmade rugs are sewed manually, accordingly regularly making the rug’s edges to some degree lopsided and not totally straight.




3. Backside

One of the most obvious approaches to see the distinction between a machine-made and a handmade carpet is by looking at the rear of the rug. The bunches and weaves on the backside of a machine-made carpet are almost consistently great and uniform. Some of the time you might see exceptionally particular white lines (which is the twisted string). In most hand-made rugs, the bunches on the rear are not impeccably adjusted. Besides, when you ascertain the bunch thickness, you will see that it isn’t predictable all through the rug.





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4. Pattern and Design on machine-made and handmade carpet

The pattern on a machine-made carpet is by and large exact. The design is reflected from one side to the next. There are infrequently any distinctions found in the machine-made carpet’s design, which are typical in those made the hard way. Regularly the weaver or individual tying the carpet doesn’t use a plan, but instead make do and passes by memory – the outcome is a beguiling lopsidedness.

5. Size and Shape

The state of machine-made carpets is commonly exact and precise, while in handcrafted rugs there can be some slight variations and this is because of the way that everything is finished by hand.

Toward the day’s end, there are a ton of fakes out there and in any event, for the prepared eye, it tends to be difficult to differentiate them. If all else fails or when you choose to purchase a rug, consistently counsel a respectable rug shop or vendor.

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