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How to choose the best carpet for stairs?

carpet for stairs

Carpeting stairs need a little more attention than the other rooms or spaces of the house. Because the stairs get the heaviest footstep, the carpet needs to be durable enough to remain in such wear and tear. It should be easy to clean and stain-resistant. And for protection, it can’t be too thick that it causes you to trip on your way downstairs.
You also want it to look great!
Sadly, it’s not as simple as going with the same carpet you used everywhere the rest of your home. Here, we tell you everything you need to have in mind when choosing a rug for your stairs.

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There are four main reasons for carpeting your stairs.

  • Security

Hard surface flooring tends to be very slippery and dangerous for elders, children, and pets. If a fall happens, covered steps will help soften the landing as opposed to the hardwood. 

  • Protection

Choosing carpet for your stairs, even you do wall-to-wall or as a decorative runner will help guard your steps from damage, as well as shield you or a loved one from hazardous stumbles and falls.

  • Attractiveness

New treads of hardwood and flooring may look great with your new hard surface flooring, but it is still a good opinion to carpeting your steps for safety. A rug or runner will improve the beauty of your stairs and change them into an attractive space.

  • Peace & Quiet

Covered steps are also smoother and softer on your feet.


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In many places, stairways are a focal feature to the entry of the house. You’ll want to choose a carpet that will suit your taste of decorative style and yet work for years to come.
Choosing a carpet for your stairs is easy once you understand what you should look for.

 Assess your stairs needs

So where do you start? We suggest you assess your stairs and determine your needs.

Other things to think about:

  • What kind of stairway do you have?
  • Are your steps a straight run?
  • Do you have duplicated landings? 

The replies to those questions will help in picking a carpet or runner that works best for you.

 Carpet Durability

Stairs are usually the highest traffic area in any home. Wherefore it is necessary that you choose a carpet that will function and look good for years to arrive.

Look for the Most Durable Carpet for Stairs Within Your Funds

Carpet that you may use in rooms may be great for those areas but may not be so good for stairs. You’ll want to buy the most durable carpet within your budget. 

What are the best carpet materials for stairs?

When it comes to choosing the best carpet for the stairs, you’re not so much looking for luxury as something durable that’s going to last. The thick, soft rug you love to walk on to as you get out of bed won’t cover up here.

For many years, wool carpets were the best possible, but their artificial fiber equals have improved to the extent that they’re now considered equal. Wool is a good (and often costly) choice for stairs as its fibers repel stains and dirt and don’t flatten easily.

Synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene are a similarly effective and more affordable option but will tend to flatten unless it has a shorter pile.

A carpet with a mixture of wool and nylon is more durable and less likely to flatten, while a mix of wool and polypropylene will be easy to clean and retain its looks.

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