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How to pick the best carpet for the living room?

A living room often is a place where family members get together to talk, play, or relax. Still, because of all that playing and relaxing, the carpet choice might be more important than in, say, the kitchen. After all, children aren’t often scooting across the kitchen floor or taking falls when starting to walk. Also, nor are teens sitting across the dining room floor while watching a movie.
Therefore, it can be essential that the living room carpet is delicate, comfortable, and cozy. More than that, carpet durability, ease of cleaning, its warp and weft, and even its color are the factors that make an impact on choosing the best carpet for the living room.

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Factors to consider when choosing the best carpet for your living room

1. Sturdiness

Because the family room is a high-traffic area at home, the carpet should be durable. Aside from stairs and hallways, living room floors typically receive the most use of any place in the house.

You have to consider the fact that your rug will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday family life. For this reason, look for a high-quality carpet that indicates a good wear guarantee.

For buying the best living room carpet, First, take a fast test of the quality of the product. Turn the carpet backward. The backing shows, the low-density rug is of lower quality and will damage faster.

2. Fiber Choices

The carpet fiber that you choose for the living room floor changes both the look and the stability of the rug. You can read here for more information about carpet fibers.

3. Efficiency of Cleaning

Because the living room is one of the most-used places in the home, spills tend to happen most frequently than in most other areas except the kitchen. Having a carpet that is easy to clean will make being in your living room much less worried. 

Consider a living room carpet that emphasizes a lifetime stain warranty. For best possible peace of mind, look for a rug with a “no exclusion” policy—meaning that things commonly excluded from most stain warranties (such as pet accidents or bleach) are fully included. 

4. Carpet Type

The type of carpet can cause a variance in the appearance of the living room. Carpet type factors include pile and style.


There are two basic pile types. Cut piles that are additionally known as plush and uncut piles named looped. Cut and loop create patterns, and other pile options include a patterned loop, which has loops of multiple heights.


Cut pile styles also, known as frieze, include smooth, texture, twist, and shag. The smooth style looks more formal, while twist and shag are casual. Loop pile forms include level loop, also known as Berber—which is perfect for a high-traffic area because of its thickness—and patterned loop. you have to know that Berber style and cut loop carpets are the best choices for the living room carpet.

5. Fiber Softness 

If you and your friends or family typically end up spending a lot of time on the floor, whether for playing board games or having sleepovers, the softness of the rug might be an essential factor. Today, many producers have a series of soft carpets, which feature much better fibers than regular carpet fibers. 

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