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Kheshti carpet design

brick carpet design

A kheshti carpet design or brick design is a pattern that creates by arranging several patterns inside separate rectangles. Kheshti design carpets are much diverse. The size and pattern in each rectangle are distinctive.

The rectangular, geometric, square, and rhombic gridded textures are the main pattern of the Keshti carpets. Inside each of these cells, there are motifs such as flower pots, shrubs, flower twigs, birds, and different trees such as cypress and willow.

In Brick carpet design each cell is different from the nearby one in terms of shape and content. So these designs signify frames or brick frames.

In the kheshti carpet design, the texture has regular and irregular polygons. Among its most famous designs, we can mention the Quranic frame, Bakhtiari frame, image frame, and Islamic frame.

Original, antiquate Brick carpet is one of the designs that expand throughout history, and various weavers in Iran perform it. The roots of this pattern go back to the Bakhtiari handicrafts.

Nowadays, the machine-made carpet industry develops a lot and broadly establishes its position. General buyers and those who interest in brick design carpets consider this original Iranian map with machine-made texture.

We all know the features of a brick design carpet. But different companies make small changes in its design and color, So these carpets become more beautiful and attractive. Companies ask their best designers to apply these changes.

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