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What is a Lachak Toranj design carpet?

antique handmade carpet

Design Origin

The origin of Lachak Toranj’s design goes back to Golestan designs and garden designs in Persian carpets. Some believe the root of this design was first on the covers of Qurans and exquisite books. By observing the relevant principles and rules, carpet designers considered and entered the patterns into Persian carpets. The Lachak Toranj design is a famous, beautiful, and very traditional design in these carpets. It has had much demand for carpet weaving in different regions of Iran since the Shah Abbasi school.

lachak toranj design carpet

lachak toranj carpet

lachak toranj

Lachak Toranj design

Carpet weavers named a quarter of the core map with a related or different shape as lachak. Lachaks are in the four corners of the carpet texture. So, If the center of the carpet accompanied Lachaks, the design is called Lachak Toranj.

The round figure locates in the center of the carpet is bergamot or Toranj. Its size and purpose overshadow the entire carpet pattern. Of course, in many traditional structures, in the corners of the framework, the bergamot pattern repeats in a quadrant (a quarter of the bergamot) entitled Lachak. The literal meaning of bergamot is the fruit of citron. Toranj is one of the most prominent elements in the Lachak Toranj design. Toranjes design in a circle, oval, and strip. In addition, the patterns that are from Khatai and Islamic motifs place in specific bergamots spaces. Therefore, weavers separate the framework part from the bergamot section by using these patterns. Colors in Toranj (the bergamot) stand out like a central medal or frame in the heart of the carpet.

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