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How much do you know about Serapi carpet design?

serapi carpet

Serapi carpet design is one of the rural carpets in East Azerbaijan province in northwestern Iran. Serapi Carpet makes of an asymmetrical knot with cotton and woolen yarn and fabric. Lachak toranj and geometric design are the most common patterns in Serapi carpets. Also, These hauntingly gorgeous carpets have a beautiful combination of red, blue, green, yellow, ivory, and pink colors.

Oriental / Traditional Carpet LANO code-TAPIS000102

Carpet Unamourdetapis code-TAPIS003662

Carpet Unamourdetapis code-TAPIS003661

Carpet Unamourdetapis code-TAPIS002614

Carpet Unamourdetapis code-TAPIS002614

lachak toranj carpet

Serapi carpets and rugs are the most popular Iranian handmade carpet among collectors. The large eight-sided bergamot is at the center of most Serapi carpets. Serapi carpet designs have many individual elements that distinguish them from other Iranian carpets. Most Iranian carpets have circled patterns in their figures, but Serapi carpets have a more linear geometric design. As most people know, the best Hariss carpet is Serapi. Serapi is a carpet with a more delicate texture and curved pattern. Large bergamot with white corners and borders is another prominent feature of this carpet. So, Serapi rugs have varying degrees of quality. Serapi antique rugs are very valuable and interest buyers all over the world.

Harris rug is one of the fitting choices for interior design because of its high quality and versatility. The geometric design of the Harris carpet goes with modern furniture, and its glowing colors and artistic base create a bizarre and antique look. The richness of color and the power of design make the Harris rug an absolute choice for every interior design. Harris handmade rugs are a stunning work of art and also a good choice for investment.

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