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Best way to vacuum your carpet

vacuum your carpet

Is there any right way to vacuum your carpet? Most people are familiar with the idea of using a vacuum to clean dust and dirt from the carpet. But, to assure the best care and protection of your rug, there are a few significant points you can consider when vacuuming your carpet.
Here are some tips to help you make sure that you’re vacuuming your carpet correctly.

There are many different vacuum cleaners available in the store today. There are various models available on the market, from uprights to canisters to hand-held vacuums.
As you know, not all vacuums are the same. So, you need to choose a vacuum that will sufficiently meet the needs of your rug.
If you’re getting a new carpet for your home, consider checking with the carpet company to see if there are specific recommended points for your new rug. For example, the new “soft carpets” that are very popular today may need a different type of vacuum than regular cut-pile carpets.

vacuum carpet

What is the right way to vacuum your carpet?

1. Go slowly

The key to making the cleanest clean is going slow. Begin on the far side of your carpet or rug and push the vacuum forward in a vertical line. This movement lifts the nap (or fibers) of the floor covering to reveal any dirt or wreck hidden beneath. Then pull the device back gently toward you to collect all that debris. For the next row, overlap the first by about 50 percent and repeat the process until you can get the entire surface clean.

2. Vacuum your rug in two directions

An extra tip for making your carpet extra-clean is to not only vacuum up and down in lines but also rotate 90-degrees and vacuum side-to-side. The bit of extra effort will be well worth it in the end, as it will help clean every piece of dirt and trash.

 3. Clean your vacuum machine

Yes, you have to clean your vacuum regularly. Removing the canister often can improve the power while washing the brushes and thorns will help them sweep up all last crumbs on your carpet. With a little care, the machine will work smoothly, so you won’t have to keep vacuuming the same places over and over.

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