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What is Vase’s design carpet?

vase design carpet

The vase’s design handmade carpet has a vase with a flower branch pattern in the center of it. Several carpets of the Safavid era have this design. A significant number of Persian vase’s design handmade carpets attribute to Kerman. In these rugs, the vase is in the center of a mixed pattern. The essential framework is full of consecutive flowers, leaves, and stems.

What are the patterns of a Vase’s design carpet?

There are similar compositions found in woven rugs in nineteenth- and twentieth-century East Turkestan, where the pomegranate tree is within a vase. Vase’s design carpets have a particular impact on funeral rugs. They append the idea of a thousand Raj flowers in Mongol India up to recent patterns in Tabriz and Kashan.

The vase has enormous dimensions. It is concentrated in the center of the field and sometimes is in the form of a jar. Out of the pot, a bunch of flowers appears, which expands and covers from the top to the altar. The result is a direct combination that is recognizable from only one side.

vase design carpet

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One of the reasons why vase carpets are so valuable is their antiquity. Most vase carpet designs were made in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Therefore, in addition to their artistic value, they also have historical antiquity.

The tradition of carpet weaving in Iran goes back several hundred years old. Iranian carpet weavers invented delicate styles many years before their competitors. Western culture shows a keen interest in importing Persian hand-woven carpets since the sixteenth century. In addition to its historical value, the Iranian handmade vase’s design carpet is also remarkably charming and of high quality. These carpets are vase’s design because of the position of the vase in the carpet design. Of course, this vase sometimes takes an abstract form, and sometimes it is not in the carpet design.

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