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What are the carpet designs and patterns?

carpet patterns

When we are talking about patterns and carpet making, it implies that rug designs are regularly separated into three types.

  • curvilinear,
  • mathematical,
  • what’s more, figural examples.

There are as often as possible determining patterns that we will examine a couple of the most well-known ones. These examples can enhance a little piece of a rug or be a general theme.

From the plan on a rug, it is feasible to perceive what style and which origin the carpet has. The carpet’s size and shadings additionally show the rug’s origin period.

The pattern is the most perceptible and maybe the main principle for a carpet.

Around the urban areas and in the studios, weavers put in much energy to creating and refining the old customary patterns. Patterns are first drawn by hand on paper.

Carpet Patterns

1. Curvilinear patterns

Nomads made patterns with fine, bending lines. These patterns are curvilinear patterns. These sorts of patterns can happen in each kind of carpet, from the ones with emblems to the everywhere. To make this sort of scarce pattern they need a higher bunch thickness is in the rug.

When assembling carpets with curvilinear patterns, clear plan plates are utilized, know as talim, on which each square takes after a bunch in the rug. They use this procedure mostly in studios making better covers.

Common examples of curvilinear patterns are Nain, Kerman, and Ghom.

Delegate rugs for this style are, for instance, Kerman, Isfahan, Nain, and Ghom.






2. Geometrical carpet patterns

Weavers made patterns with straight lines. They are geometrical patterns. Everyone can perceive them by their straight points, diagonals, triangles, and other geometrical shapes. 

You can see geometrical patterns on carpets with emblem themes and all-over themes. Furthermore, you can find these carpet patterns regularly in carpets made by nomads. Rugs that are made by nomads are regularly more simple in their styles, while the town rugs can have somewhat more intricate geometrical patterns. 

Caucasian carpets are genuine instances of carpets with geometrical patterns.





3. Figural patterns

Figural covers frequently picture individuals and additionally creatures and are regularly founded on history or folklore. It isn’t normal with regular and sensible portrayals of people and creatures in the East, since Islam disallows the propagation of living animals. This is one reason why these floor coverings are extremely uncommon. At the point when shown, they regularly comprise of at least one character that occasionally depicts a verifiable occasion.

The present figural carpets are made primarily in studios in Iran (Isfahan ), India, and Pakistan. Once in a while, it is possible to discover figural rugs. Nomads made these carpets. Since the start of the twentieth century, figural carpets are likewise made in China, yet they don’t exist at all in for instance in Afghanistan, Turkey, or in the Caucasian region.

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