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What is the best commercial carpet?

Which carpet is the best for commercial high-traffic areas? If you’re thinking carpet for your new office area, it’s necessary to choose the right product for your purpose. According to the Carpet Buyers Handbook, “synthetic fibers make up more than 99% of the fiber used by the U.S. carpet industry.” Most rugs used in business applications are regularly Nylon, Olefin, or Polypropylene and Eare created in the loop, cut pile (both broadloom), or carpet tile. Each of these fibers has its own set of strengths and flaws that can help you decide which type of carpet suits your necessities.

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Which carpets are the best for commercial high traffic areas?

Bar. Restaurant. Hotel. Office areas. No matter the nature of your commercial premises, numbers, if not thousands, of workers and visitors, come through each day.
That’s a lot of foot traffic, and it beats your floors. And that implies your carpet requires to be able to endure the severest of situations—from messy spills to dirty boot prints and everything in between.
Without the most durable commercial carpet for the office area, you’re at risk of wanting to replace your carpet well before the standard—driving up expenses and adding difficulty.

Nylon commercial carpets

Nylon rugs and area rugs are the most long-lasting of all artificial fiber area rugs. They’re well known for their capability to stay strong during heavy foot traffic. As a result, they’re one of the most common carpets that are available today for high-traffic areas. Nylon fibers are also stain-resistant and tough to shred. Part of this is because nylon rugs and carpets are solution-dyed. This means that the color diving deep into all of your carpet’s fibers instead of just sitting on top.

What else makes nylon one of the best commercial carpet options? They bring style and beauty into your home or office and please your guests. Our selection of commercial nylon carpets and rugs come in an extended variety of colors and patterns, guaranteeing you can find the commercial carpets of your dreams in terms of both form and function.

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Wool carpet

Wool commercial carpet is also a very soft underfoot, giving extra comfort to your commercial field. Our selection of contract-grade wool carpets is made of sheep wool. These carpets give you and your visitors the most luxurious and durable mixture of wool. These carpets and rugs are designed for high-traffic areas. Each of our rugs also comes with an action backing so, they’re ready for anything you might throw their way.

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Code 400410 wool carpet

Sisal carpet

Sisal carpets and area rugs are made from solid, natural sisal fibers that are tightly woven together. Because of this strength and tight weave, sisal carpets are great for high-traffic commercial areas.
They’re able to bounce back from impressions quickly and are hard to scratch or tear. But most importantly, commercial sisal carpet is also stain-resistant—a necessity for any commercial carpet option.

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