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What to look for when buying a carpet?


If you’re thinking about another carpet, there are a couple of choices you want to make. Just as picking a pattern or design and color to suit your needs and space, you’ll likewise have to choose a type of carpet and a material. From hand-woven wool to rich fabricated materials to hard-wearing sisal, there are a lot of materials accessible. Which you pick will rely upon where you’ll use the rug, and will likewise eventually descend to your money spending plan.




The primary concerns to consider are:

How much do you need to spend?

Expenses can fluctuate from under £5 per square meter for a homely design to more than £100 per square meter for a superior, hand-woven design.

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Where do you want to use the carpet?

High-traffic areas, like hallways, will profit from more strong materials. If you have kids or you like to engage, you’ll need something simple to clean, while pets with hooks will preclude circled carpets that can without much of a stretch tangle. The look and feel you’re after. How your carpet is made will influence what it looks like. From classic and luxurious, to tight and thick – and how it feels underneath. Ponder whether you need a shaggy and soft pile you can sink your toes into or something compliment and more steady.

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Oriental / Traditional Carpet Unamourdetapis code-TAPIS003361

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Choosing the best types of carpet

Types of Carpet Fibers

There are four basic types of fibers to choose from:

  1. Nylon fibers
  2. Olefin fibers
  3. Polyester fibers
  4. Wool fibers

The look, feel and quality of a carpet are also dependent on the type of fibers used. Therefore, You can read about carpet fiber here.

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Don’t forget, when you find it all out, discuss your choice with our specialist to help you order it online and finalize the process for you.

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