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Is wool carpet your best choice? Why?

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Wool carpets bring so much more to your home than completely being a visibly comfortable flooring answer. As a renewable resource, 100% pure, natural wool remains the favored choice for many people when choosing a flooring product due to its durability and style. For ages, luxurious wool carpet has been the test of time. While innovative artificial fibers are strong competitors in terms of appearance, wool carpet remains the most elegant, wonderfully real, highly insulative, and enduring floor covering for family homes.

wool carpet care

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wool carpet

Wool is not delicate. Its flexibility is rated good to excellent, and when properly maintained, it stands up to decades of wear. One well-known feature of its natural stability is its natural elasticity that remains crushing.

Wool carpet care

Your new rug is a quality product that will add beauty and warmth to your new home. Proper attention and maintenance starting will increase its life for many ages to come and is fast, simple, and low-priced.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary for high-traffic areas. 20% of the wool carpet gets 80% of the traffic. Three simple carpet-saving rules that help eliminate much of the preventable damage are; (1) Avoid dirt accumulation, (2) vacuum frequently and (3) remove spills quickly.

  1. Avoid Soil Accumulation
  2. Remove outdoor footwear and use walk-off rugs at all entrances to keep dirt from being tracked onto the rug. You may also relocate furniture regularly to allow for even traffic distribution.
  3. Vacuum Regularly
  4. The vacuum is your wool carpet’s best buddy. This is the most efficient and cost-effective way to remove soil and dirt bits before they become buried into the carpet pile. Remember, you cannot “over vacuum” your carpet.

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